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What does a Head of Business Development do in the property and real estate industry?

The Head of Business Development is a key role within any company and is responsible for developing and executing strategies to identify, create, and capture new business opportunities. This requires the ability to assess long-term trends, analyse data, and build relationships with existing customers as well as potential clients. A Head of Business Development must also understand the company’s brand and its offerings and be able to create a strategy that aligns with its goals.

Those interested in becoming a Head of Business Development should have strong analytical skills, business understanding, and superb communication and relationship-building abilities. A successful Head of Business Development should have experience leading teams and managing projects from start to finish. They should also possess an understanding of market trends, customer needs, product development processes, pricing strategies, and budgetary considerations.

Additionally, the Head of Business Development should be well-versed in financial modelling techniques and able to provide insight into the company’s long-term vision for success.

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