Real Estate, General Practice & Investment ​

Real Estate, General Practice & Investment ​

What does a Land Manager do?

The job role of a Land Manager typically involves managing and maximising the value of land assets on behalf of a company or organisation. This can include a variety of tasks, such as identifying and acquiring new land opportunities, negotiating deals with landowners, conducting due diligence and feasibility studies, managing existing land assets, and overseeing the development process. 

Some specific responsibilities of a Land Manager may include:

● Conducting market research to identify potential land acquisition opportunities ● Negotiating purchase agreements and other contracts with landowners and developers 

● Conducting due diligence to evaluate the feasibility and potential risks of new land opportunities 

● Coordinating with surveyors, architects, and engineers to ensure successful land development 

● Analysing market trends and property values to make informed decisions about land use and investment 

● Developing and sustaining ties with major real estate players 

● Managing budgets and timelines for land acquisition and development projects ● Ensuring adherence to regional and federal laws governing land use and development 

As a Land Manager, you would play a crucial role in driving the success of a real estate or development company by identifying and securing valuable land opportunities and managing the development process from start to finish. For people with a love for real estate and skills in negotiating and planning — this may be a role meant for you. 

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