How To Advance Your Property Management Career

Do you work in Property Management and want to progress and develop your career? Or perhaps you are considering a career as a Property Manager or Block Manager? We have invited some of the property industries leading professionals to be interviewed on camera about their careers and to offers advice to those seeking to follow in similar footsteps.

In this video interview “Advancing Your Career In Property Management”,  we speak to Paul Atkinson, Director for First Port as he gives his insight and top tips on how to elevate your career in property management.

Paul leads a property management team who provide property management services for over 3700 residential developments across the UK. With over 12 years in the industry, 7 of which was spent really building his people management skills, Paul explains how he came to be Director for First Port who employ 3500 people.

How Do You Progress A Career In Property Management?

Have an idea of where you want to get to and then make sure you get involved. This means meeting people in the industry, networking and building contacts, utilise LinkedIn and read the trade property information to really understand the market. But most importantly,  listen to your customers, because they know what they want from a property and you can apply this to your career.

Ultimately, you have to have the right attitude, which means a customer service attitude.

How Has Property Management Changed Since You Started Your Career?

There has been a huge change in focus in the industry. When I started it was very much the Landlords had all the say, and this is completely changed now. Today, it is all about the customer, from their living desires and what they want on their developments and the legislation has changed too, giving more empowerment to the customer, the leaseholder.

I remember we didn’t have email, everything was done by letter. There has been huge change led by technology, everything today is run on email

What Skills Are Most Important In Property Management?

Customer service skills, we want the right knowledge but we can train the skills, what we cant train is the right attitude. Having the customer service approach, the willingness to talk to our customers is really key and the property management industry overall lacks that.

How Would You Advise Future Proofing A Career In Property Management?

In terms of fu it’s about doing the IRPM membership, the SOC RICS membership and then keeping up with it, attending CPD and networking, ensuring you are learning what is happening in the industry. Also, self development, being more self aware and how you impact on others is really key. I think in terms of future proofing yourself, knowing how you are perceived and how you can deliver to prospective clients and employers is very important.

What Do You Love About Your Property Management Job?

I love the variety, one minute I can be in the office talking to the solicitors about a complex legal query the next minute I can be on site talking to people about their homes and how they enjoy living in them.



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