The Ultimate Property Marketing Tool Kit For 2018

The rise of technology and the increasingly competitive marketplace has meant property companies are relying more on their marketing teams to retain and grow market share and drive property transactions and services. Nowadays, there is so much involved in a property marketing job, from planning, SEO, design, digital advertising, PR and of course tracking and reporting ROI. Property marketers are expected to constantly evolve with the times and refresh their skills sets to stay ahead whilst planning, delivering and reporting on their activities. Property marketing teams are stretched and this is why we have created the tool kit. To give property marketers a helpful resource of the latest and best property marketing tools in 2018 to help ease the workload and hopefully improve your output and tracking so you can spend more time strategically planning and improving.

We give you the ultimate property marketing toolkit for 2018!




If you haven’t come across Canva before then you’re in for a treat! This is your go to platform for creating social media posts, digital adverts and even printed publications. We love it for digital use (we think it can be a bit cumbersome for print). Ultimately, Canva means anyone can be a designer. With an in-built photo editor, free icons, stock imagery and font finder, the design options are endless and there are some brilliant templates to help get you started. The business, paid for platform allows you to set up your brand colours, fonts and templates. The tutorials are really helpful and even the least design savvy among us can produce graphical delights whilst remaining on brand!

PERFECT FOR: Anyone who doesn’t have the luxury of an in-house design team or bottomless marketing budget.


Creative Market


Following on from Canva, Market Place is the go to resource for design templates and inspiration if you’re struggling to brief a designer on exactly what you want. Perfect for brochures, powerpoint, invites and flyers this is an online library packed full of artwork templates that can be easily adapted if you have Adobe skills. With contributions from almost 26,000 independent designers, you are sure to find something that fits your theme and can support up and coming designers too when you purchase their content.

PERFECT FOR: Inspiration for your creative briefs or as a cost effective solution for creating brand collateral in house.




Enticing people to answer market research questions and surveys can be tough. With Typeform you can create customisable, embeddable surveys that are designed to engage and draw the user in to a conversation. Images, GIFS and videos help questions to pop out from the page, making it easier to obtain that invaluable information.

PERFECT FOR: Any project where you need to conduct market research or run surveys or opinion polls for content.




Built exclusively as a mobile app, Ripl was launched to help marketeers create compelling, animated videos and animated social posts for higher converting social media adverts. It’s as simple as uploading a photo, writing some text, choosing a design and sharing via your social channels. You can control your posts to your social platform through Ripl and it has some useful tracking for engagement. The downside is the lack of desktop which can be tricky when you’re working in an office or as part of a team and less control over brand than a platform such as Canva. But with more than 2.5m small business owners using the app, they must be doing something right!

PERFECT FOR: Creating cost effective video content for social media using photos or video files to bring your property marketing campaigns to life and increase engagement.



Let’s face it the property market loves data, but if the mere thought of charts and graphs gets you yawning, then infogram is great tool to give your data a face lift. Infogram lets you create infographics, maps, reports and charts in minutes, perfect for making property data visually appealing.

PERFECT FOR: Creating data driven content that is easy to embed for back links.


Hubspot Topic Generator 


Content marketing is a central focus for many property marketing campaigns and differentiating yourself from the competition can be challenging. This is why we love the Hubspot topic generator. Simply type three keywords in and it generates titles and questions for blogs, helping you to create new and exciting content that stays on point for your target audience and SEO strategy.

Perfect For: Content marketing inspiration and setting SEO titles for landing pages. Readability Tool


The readability of any website page is the main pillar of successful content and that is why the webfx tool is invaluable.  This simple online tool analyses your articles and gives you multiple readability indices and statistics to highlight where you can  improve readability. You can either input your web page URL or paste your copy directly into their website.

Perfect for: Blogs and website landing pages that need optimising for usability.


PR In A Box

pr in a box for property marketing

Whilst posting content on social channels is within your control, getting online or print media journalists, influencers or bloggers to champion your story is another matter. If you don’t have the budget to hire a traditional PR agency or in house team to do it for you, PR in a Box provides access to 1000s of journalists, planning tools and distribution software for the fraction of the price of traditional PR services.

Perfect for: Small to mid size property companies who do not have in-house PR support or a budget for a PR agency.




Whether you advertise on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or Google (or one of the other 300+ platforms they cover), Funnel will analyse your conversion data in one source to provide a complete picture of your advertising ROI. By collating, mapping and automating all your marketing data in one place, Funnels lets you compare campaign performance in real-time across all your platforms and present the data in various formats to share with your team. You can even integrate cost data with Google Analytics!

Perfect for: Property marketing teams who need to be data driven to generate property sales leads and conversions and track ROI.




Monitoring over a billion sources, Mention is a fantastic market research and tracking tool.  You can track what people are saying about your brand, competitors and target audiences to help plan for more engaging and optimised campaigns. There is powerful keyword analysis to target the terms people really use (commercial property vs commercial real estate for example) and integrated social media platform to enable you to react immediately to conversations related to your industry.

Perfect for: property companies seeking to build their brand awareness and social engagement and improve their online reputation.


Active Campaign


Active Campaign is an email marketing tool and CRM system that learns what your customers want and uses that information to help you deliver personalised communications and offers. By tracking their interactions with your property website, you can send automated and targeted marketing campaigns to the right people.

Perfect For: Property agents to build property tailored marketing communications to buyers and sellers.

We hope some of these tools will help you in your property marketing jobs!

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