Banking on the Future: A Snapshot of UK Real Estate and British Economy

Prior to the pandemic, it was shaping up to be a promising year for real estate following injected optimism fuelled by the ‘Boris Bounce’, coupled with news from Mayoral hopeful, Rory Stewart, who looked to put in place plans to use surplus TFL land to build an additional 250,000 new homes over the coming years.

The property development sector, both private and public, still play a pivotal part in the future of the British economy, with London still a huge focal point for potential future investment.

How did COVID-19 impact the sector, economy and decade?

On October 1st, a panel of experts virtually congregated to discuss the future of the UK property market and economic climate for a free live 1-hour webinar discussion.

An enormous thank you to the specialists:

  • Rob Elder, Representative at Bank of England
  • Tim Hyatt, UK Head of Residential at Knight Frank
  • Flora Harley, Research Analyst
  • Tania Thomas, Founder at Maison Communications

deverellsmith has created an infographic which gives a snapshot of the discussion. Due to Bank of England’s policy, deverellsmith are unable to publish the recording of the webinar or full report for further press publication. Please contact deverellsmith at to view the full report on how the global crisis affected the economy, a forecast on the British economy and UK property markets and insight and advice.

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