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AST Property Manager - Lomond

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Who is the company?

Early in 2021, two powerhouses in the property sector, Lomond Capital and Linley & Simpson merged to form The Lomond Group; a network of market-leading lettings and estate agents.

The Lomond Group currently operates in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and York and has grand ambitions for immediate and sustained growth in both existing, and new regions, across the UK. The business is centred around making the property journey as seamless and profitable as possible for their clients, giving the team an environment in which they thrive and acquiring businesses that align with the company’s culture and values.  

What was the situation?

The successful candidate will have various responsibilities including maintenance, building tenant landlord relationships, organisation, and stellar customer service. A very quick turnaround was needed by the client and the role needed to be filled within a maximum 2 weeks.

Were there any challenges?

The toughest challenge faced when filling this role was the state of the market; there was a significant shortage of candidates due to perceptions of instability and low confidence in moving jobs from candidates. To combat this situation, April was able to consult with the hiring manager and advise on a competitive salary which was able to attract a higher calibre of talent and ultimately lead to better internal retention.

What was the methodology?

To succeed in sourcing the right candidates for the search, April used platforms such as LinkedIn recruiter to create a project and advertised through a variety of job boards.  

Following this, April was able to screen a high number of potential candidates. She used her experience to narrow the shortlist down to just 2 people which saved the hiring manager critical time, this resulted in 1 successful candidate who was offered the role.

What was the outcome?

April was able to successfully fill this role leaving both a happy client and candidate. For the candidate, it was an amazing opportunity for career progression as they wished to manage more people in the future.

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