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Development & Construction: 4 tips for nailing your recruitment search

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​Following the pandemic, we are experiencing some of the most exciting times in a generation; the economy is recovering and the property industry booming.

You may be experiencing difficulties hiring the right person, only 16% of businesses reported that all vacancies advertised in Q4 have been successfully filled according to Total Jobs.

One reason for missing out on candidates – or not attracting enough talent - is not following a disciplined and thorough hiring process.

Here is my advice in securing high quality candidates and getting ahead of your competition:

·        Act fast.

There are many opportunities out there for active and passive candidates. If you think you’ve found the right person, then don’t sit on a decision!

The most common reason for losing a good candidate is taking two weeks to make an offer which will leave the candidate feeling undervalued. It also allows the candidate to look elsewhere and potentially receive an offer.

·        Sell your company!

Many hiring managers ask questions to see if each candidate is the right fit, but what about showing the prospective employee you are the right fit?

We’re finding that candidates across al levels have many options so make it clear why each person should choose your business.

The age old saying goes - people don’t leave companies, they leave managers - so highlight how great your business is for building a career.

·        Be clear on your candidate profile.

Set out key skills and detail required experience that is needed to carry out the job effectively along with a comprehensive job brief. You can then identify if prospective candidates have the right culture and personality to compliment your business within the interview.

·        Offer the right money.

The pandemic has inflated salaries which has led some candidates to demand amounts above market value. However, there are still many exceptional people out there who do deserve the amount they are asking for.

My advice? If you really want someone, avoid low balling by more minor amounts…it leaves the candidate feeling undervalued and will ultimately delay the process.

A good candidate could save or make you far more money than the £5K you’ve saved with the offer. Make an offer that will leave the candidate feeling respected, motivated and excited to work for you.

As a Principal Consultant at deverellsmith, I’ve supported development and construction companies find the best talent in the market by working in partnership with clients to set clear timelines, offer support through the interview process and ultimately facilitate the entire search from sourcing CVs to offer and follow up.

To save you time, I conduct the entire first interview stage interview process and screen a selection of candidates before curating a shortlist.

If you have needs for development professionals, then let me know. You can get ahead of the curve and find world-class talent in a competitive market.

You can email me using the details below or contact me on 07867 596965.

Many thanks

Craig Douglas