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​Total Talent Blankety Blank: _______ said what about Andrew-Deverell Smith!?

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In this episode of devcast… Hannah Taylor – Investment and Finance Manager, CEO - Andrew Deverell-Smith and James Campion – Managing Director, try to guess shocking statistics from the challenging property hiring market.

Firstly, they are hit with the eye-opening stat that 41% of employers are reporting an increase in staff turnover and difficulty in retaining employees. James made a strong claim that there is a war on talent in the market right now, and we are experiencing the biggest candidate shortage of our generation. This leaves no surprise that employers are seeing a rise in attrition as we are witnessing candidates receive up to 8 offers at a go, so they can afford to be picky!

To combat the war on talent and difficult rise in staff turnover, James suggests that employers need to do two things:


  • Clearly define who you are and your values from the get-go. Be very clear on what you want and be clear on how you are going to position that to candidates.

  • Offer potential employees a career journey and demonstrate how your business can improve people. Employees, now more than ever, have a huge amount of choice. If it’s just about the money, someone will always out bid you.

Almost 50% of companies rank their quality of staff and recruitment as the most important part of their business.


Another noteworthy statistic highlighted by Hannah shows just how vital it is for companies to find top talent within their market.

Andrew gives some insight into how he goes about attracting the best talent, and how this differs from a junior to senior level. Emphasising that methodology should be data and research led, he reveals his belief that it doesn’t matter what the role is, you can apply the same methodology.

“Sometimes we find it harder to source at a more junior level for certain roles and skill sets than it is at senior level”

Imparting advice for clients when considering methodology, Andrew states they should think how thorough they want to be. More manpower equals a more thorough exercise and that’s what we (deverellsmith) do.

“I don’t see it as this person needs to be of a certain level or salary band, it’s really a case of justification around the challenge that the role requires for us to deliver the right quality of short-listing candidates”

James jumps in with a thought-provoking point that it comes down to the question, how good a person does the client actually want? Standing for all levels of candidates. Most clients will tell you they want the best, but to find the best, you must put a lot more effort in. You must really scower the market and use a variety of different tools to attract that. It takes more time, and there is a lag from start to hire, but it significantly increases the chance of getting it right.

Listen now to hear James, Andrew and Hannah unpack more startling statistics, their interesting opinions on whether flexible working is here to stay, and more tips on how you can get it right and find the right people.