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Talent is an organisations’ most important asset and the way new talent is nurtured and acquired is developing and changing at a pace.

Client Solutions use a clearly defined, simple method to review 4 critical elements of our customers recruitment landscape; process, brand, people and cost.  Using data and evidence, backed by the deverellsmith capability within Data and Research, the team shows customer’s how to think differently about recruitment.

The team harness the deverellsmith resourcing magic, capability, knowledge and expertise combined with a clear method and defined process that delivers for customers.

Whatever your challenge; volume hiring aligned to growth, strategic hiring of senior/specialist/niche skills or talent attraction & retention, deverellsmith Client Solutions team can identify and deliver innovative and focus solutions, built with the customer at its centre…

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Candidate Qualification

As the unemployment rate rapidly increases, applications for job adverts are becoming unattainable to review.

deverellsmith offer a candidate qualification service whereby an experienced consultant reviews and responds to each application received from a job advert, ensuring your business and brand are protected.

Every applicant is reviewed efficiently and effectively with an experienced real estate recruiter. Allowing management to focus on running the business and managing day-to-day operations.

deverellsmith are available to manage the complete process or just manage the initial applications, tailored to your needs and available time. No need to hire an internal recruiter, this is provided on a daily rate basis.

The service & benefits:

  • deverellsmith will proactively manage your incoming cv applications and ensure each CV receives a response to the application whether they are requested to interview or not
  • The best applicants are shortlisted for review by the line manager
  • Your brand is protected and applicant experience improves through increased contact without impacting internal employees of your business
  • deverellsmith can also deliver the full recruitment process, managing candidate experience and all communication on behalf of the line manager
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ds Ensure

ds Ensure

Subscription Model

Do you have roles in your business that have naturally high turnover, or perhaps are project based?

With our subscription model our fee is linked to the vacancy, not an individual hire. deverellsmith will ensure that a particular role within your organisation is always staffed, regardless of how many times we have to fill it.

Our fee structure is in the form of a subscription model, giving you a flat monthly cost and peace of mind that whatever happens, you’ll always have the staff you need.

ds Benchmark

ds Benchmark

Salary Benchmarking

During both times of market growth and decline, ensuring you remain in control of your compensation is essential.

While it can be simple to gauge the pay scales for each position in the market, taking the time to understand a detailed breakdown of compensation packages, why they vary and how you can understand this information to be more competitive in the market is a significant project.

Working closely with clients, deverellsmith has conducted a significant number of highly detailed and tailored market surveys providing indications on overall compensation, each survey covers:

  • salary
  • benefits
  • bonus
  • commission
  • incentive programs
  • vacation days
  • competitive advantages and analysis

These surveys can be used to benchmark existing positions, existing teams and provide planning information for opening a new division within your business. Tailored to your demands.

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ds EVP

ds EVP

Employee Value Proposition/Brand

deverellsmith offer review and advisory services to assess your current Employer Value Proposition at a time when it has never been more important to show first class values and stand behind those and your employees.

We will assess your EVP in its current state, discuss where you want to take your business and the best route forward. This ensures both current employees in the business and prospective employees are attracted to your business for the reason you want them to join equating to loyal and high retention.

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ds OnDemand

ds OnDemand


Building an internal talent acquisition function and essentially creating your own in-house recruitment agency can be extremely costly, inefficient and detract focus from a business’s main operations.

The deverellsmith outsourcing model will allow you to have onsite recruitment support from a fully trained deverellsmith consultant, as well as the full support of the deverellsmith Data and Research team, helping you to save cost, improve time to, and quality of, hires and have peace of mind that experts are handling your recruitment.

ds Retain

ds Retain

Retained Search

If you are hiring a CEO or Project Manager, we use exec search methodology for both. deverellsmith believe the best way to attract the best talent is through a focused planned method, delivered as a project.

By following this approach as a retained partner will greatly increase the chances of successfully completing your next brilliant hires every time. The method will reduce wastage, save time and duplication, be efficient and cost effective. Trust us, as your partner, to deliver.

Is your business looking to save time, money and effort in recruiting high-quality talent?

Client Solutions can help you engage with deverellsmith not just as a brilliant transactional recruiter, but as a trusted, collaborative, long term partner.

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