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The average salaries for back office support in the property sector:

Admin and



Top 3 Reasons Candidates Are Moving On

Frustrations in
decision making
Not feeling integral
to the company
Seeking more flexible
and remote working

Admin and Secretarial

There was significantly more hiring activity for secretarial and admin support staff in the first quarter of 2018, fuelled by company growth. With more budget allocated to internal training and on-boarding, there is an increasing trend for employers putting emphasis on personality and fitting into the team and culture above experience and sector knowledge. This has helped to boost hires from outside the property sector and slow salary rises for administrative support staff.


Demand for PR professionals was sustained and typically applicants with a track record and industry contacts were highest in demand. There were very few entry level hires, with most employers seeking mid – level to senior candidates.

Data and Tech

Demand for CRM managers, compliance and regulatory specialists saw a five year high, with data dominating the agenda for many property organisations in the wake of pressures from new data legislation. With the ongoing digitisation of property organisations, we anticipate the uptake of CTOs and tech professionals to be a considerable growth area over the next 24 months.


As property employers face an increasingly competitive employment market, demand for employee engagement and compensation and benefits specialists were most sought after in HR. Appetite for talent development and acquisition specialists
to review internal staff development and on-boarding
is beginning to rise, and we expect this to continue throughout the next 12 months as employers invest in improving attraction and retention.

Employers are increasingly seeking temporary contract and interim professionals to scale up for projects within marketing and HR, protecting their core team from unsustainable work loads and giving them the flexibility to call in specialist skill sets as and when required.

Property Marketing

There was a surge in investment to marketing teams throughout the 12 months as marketing continued to increase prominence in shaping business strategy, with senior marketing professionals taking a more active role in high-level board decisions. The accumulating recognition in tracked ROI for tangible growth saw a key trend emerge in the creation for new roles focussing on strategy, reporting and analytics.

The continued acceptance of marketers as strategic hires and the increase of marketing roles advertised caused an uplift in salaries by up to 19%, which impacted retention levels as candidates seeked higher earnings. We expect to see salaries continue to rise in the second half of this year as competition for marketing candidates who can demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment prevails.
There were small rises in salary increments for in demand skills, including digital-related marketing, website management, content writing, SEO and social media. We are beginning to see a trend from mid-career property marketeers up-skilling to make themselves eligible candidates in high-growth sectors, and this is particularly evident for job seekers into the residential development and prop tech sectors.

A materialising trend from residential development employers in the quest for fresh ideas and perspective was a shift from historically only hiring property and professional service experience to seeking experience from digitally savvy, consumer led sectors, particularly when targeting overseas markets. We expect to see this trend across the property industry this year as property companies seek to bring in new, fresh ideas from parallel industries.


Admin and Secretarial Salaries
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Job TypePermanent (pa)Average (pa)Interim (ph)
PA£30,000 - £55,000£36,000£15 - £22
Junior Administrator£20,000 - £28,000£25,000£10 - £13
Team Secretary£25,000 - £35,000£30,000£13 - £19
Receptionist£20,000 - £28,000£24,000£11 - £14
Office Manager£28,000 - £45,000£38,000£15 - £20
Sales Coordinator£25,000 - £35,000£30,000£15 - £18
Sales Progressor£35,000 - £45,000£40,000£17 - £20
Customer Care Coordinator£25,000 - £35,000£30,000£15 - £18
HR Salaries
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Job TypePermanent (pa)Average (pa)Interim (ph)
HR Administrator£22,000 - £28,000£24,000£13 - £16
HR Coordinator£25,000 - £33,000£27,000£13 - £20
HR Executive£35,000 - £45,000£40,000£18 - £32
HR Manager£45,000 - £70,000£55,000£33 - £44
HR Director£70,000 - £175,000£100,000£50 - £100
Marketing and PR Salaries
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Job TypePermanent (pa)Average (pa)Interim (ph)
Marketing Assistant/Coodinator£22,00 - £30,000£25,000£13 - £18
Marketing Executive£27,000 - £37,000£32,000£15 - £25
Marketing Manager£45,000 - £65,000£50,000£20 - £30
Marketing Director£70,000 - £120,000£90,000£50 - £100
Digital Marketing Executive£30,000 - £45,000£40,000£15 - £30
Digital Marketing Manager£50,000 - £75,000£60,000£20 - £45
Digital Marketing Director£80,000 - £150,000£100,000£40 - £100
Event Coordinator£25,000 - £35,000£27,000£13 - £25
Event Manager£40,000 - £55,000£48,000£20 - £40
Content Writer£25,000 - £35,000£31,000£15 - £40
PR Executive£25,000 - £35,000£26,000£15 - £25
PR Manager£40,000 - £60,000£52,000£20 - £50
PR Director£60,000 - £90,000£83,000£40 - £100
CRM Coordinator£25,000 - £32,000£26,000£10 - £25
CRM Manager£40,000 - £70,000£55,000£23 - £40
Business Development Executive£20,000 - £30,000£24,000£13 - £20
Business Development Manager£35,000 - £55,000£45,000£20 - £45
Bid Management/Presentations£50,000 - £80,000£67,000£18 - £35
Business Development Director£60,000 - £120,000£80,000£38 - £100

Advice to Employers

Hire From Outside The Property Industry

Experienced support staff with the skill sets required from other industries should always be considered on recommendation as they can bring new ideas and fresh perspective whilst easing pressure on the talent market.

Small Incentives Go Along Way

Incentivising non fee earners is often overlooked and this can lead to low morale and attrition. Set incentives and recognise and reward their performance.

Build Flexible Working Teams

Freelancers, part time and contract workforces can be implemented on a project by project basis, helping to deliver projects and ease pressure on your permanent teams.

Consider Heads Of Business Support At Board Level

Accounting, HR, marketing and tech should all be working towards your business objectives and therefore have strategic input to better meet your business needs and boost their productivity and morale.

Set Targets And Define Bonuses Clearly

Support teams are often overlooked for promotions, recognition, salary increases and defined bonus structures.

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