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Investment and Development Associate - Fenton Whelan

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Consultant: Hannah Taylor 

Role: Investment and Development Associate – Fenton Whelan

Location: Mayfair, London

What was the situation?

Fenton Welan are a super prime residential developer with a small team of 10 members. They asked Hannah to help them find a top candidate for a new senior position within the team.

This role was brand new for the company, so Hannah made sure to have lots of discussions with the client to get a superb feel for what they needed from the potential candidate. Hannah wanted to be sure that they were on the same page as it was a new role and there was no previous role to base the search on.

Were there any challenges?

Hannah found that it was a slightly tricky role to find someone for as they had a very specific set of criteria that they were looking for, and she found that not many people had that full skill set required.

What was the methodology?

Hannah and her client agreed that with it being quite a niche role within a candidate short market, they would go for a retained approach.

Hannah used our data and research team to map suitable candidates for the role, allowinghannah to do her own head hunting alongside data and research. She also advertised the role via LinkedIn, utilised referrals and reached out to her personal data base.

Data and research mapped 180 candidates, 14 expressed and interest. Hannah spoke with all of them and following this only 2 wanted to be put forward. With no fault of her own, but due to the challenges of the candidate short market and candidates being happy within their current roles.

However, the client was really impressed with both candidates that Hannah ended up putting forward, taking one to the final stage and making them an offer. 


What were the results?

Unfortunately, the candidate that was given an offer also received 3 competitive offers, and they ended up going to a bigger company. 

However, Hannah had remembered a candidate she has spoken to a couple of weeks ago and mentioned this role to them. The candidate was keen to be put forward after just having moved over to the UK from Ireland. The client loved them and completed the interview process and offer within just a week. 

He was able to start immediately, and everyone was delighted.


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