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Banking on the Future: Full panel announced for Spring 2024 event

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​T​he much-anticipated spring 2024 installment of our event series, Banking on the Future, in partnership with none other than the Bank of England is set to return this March.

We’re heading back to The May Fair Hotel Theatre and welcoming one familiar and three new panel guests to the discussion. You can register for the event here and learn more about our panel below.

Robert Elder, Senior Economist at Bank of England
Rob is no stranger to the Banking on the Future series and has been an admirable guest speaker at all 8 events. He brings enthusiasm, knowledge, and character to his presentation and points.

Rob joined the Bank of England in 1998, and for twelve years supported the Monetary Policy Committee as an economist and then senior manager. Between 2010 and 2012 he represented the UK on the board of the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC. When he returned he worked in the Bank’s press office, and most recently, supported their Financial Policy Committee by running a team monitoring developments in the UK banking sector.

He’s an expert economist who will communicate the Bank’s perspective on the current state of the economy and predictions for the months ahead.

Honor Barrat, CEO at Brichgrove

Honor is the CEO of Birchgrove, a specialist age-exclusive developer working to establish a portfolio of assisted living neighbourhoods with well thought-out facilities for rent.

She is a complete trailblazer in her space, who leads with passion and empathy. She is part of a group “Older people’s housing taskforce” who is lobbying the government to look at options to give our aging population the provision of greater choice, quality and security of housing.

She is scaling a business in an emerging market, navigating tricky times and lack of legislation, and finding innovative ways to operate.

Polly Ogden Duffy - Managing Director at John D Wood & Co. & Associated brands.

Polly was the first female to be appointed as Managing Director at John D Wood & Co, leading a 250-strong team. Operating for over 145 years, the team have a thorough understanding of the property market in their local areas across Central London, South West London and Surry.

She leads with people in mind, and believes the key to her business success has always been the people she employs.

Nigel Allsop - Managing Director, Investment Strategy & Research at Greystar

Nigel is responsible for the formulation and capitalisation of Greystar's investment strategies. He also provides ongoing macro research, including monitoring markets ​and investment performance across geographies and asset classes, giving him a wealth of industry knowledge.

Fiona Fletcher-Smith, CEO - L&Q

Fiona’s extraordinary career began at just 19 when she was an office administrator at the Dublin City Corporation. 

Now she is the CEO of a £39 billion business. ​

She’s passionate about the public sector and providing secure and stable affordable homes whilst being vocal in her opinions, and is highly knowledgeable on the London property market.

You can listen to her podcast with Andrew Deverell-Smith here.