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Real Estate, General Practice & Investment ​

What does a Rights of Light Surveyor do?

A Rights of Light Surveyor’s role is important in the property and real estate industry. They play a crucial part in ensuring that buildings are developed in a way that complies with the legal requirements surrounding the rights of light. This involves assessing a proposed development’s impact on the light received by nearby properties and advising on the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

Rights of light surveyors are highly knowledgeable about the legislation and regulations surrounding the rights of light. They can interpret complex data and measurements to provide clear and accurate assessments. Additionally, they must successfully convey their suggestions and findings to customers, architects, and other stakeholders.

In addition to their technical skills, rights of light surveyors must also possess excellent project management abilities, as they often oversee the entire rights of the light process from start to finish. This includes managing budgets, coordinating with other professionals involved in a project, and ensuring that all deadlines are met.

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