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Banking on the Future - Spring 2022 (On demand)

​2022 is the year of opportunity; the sector and wider society has gone from bust to boom. Every business is looking to capitalise on the market’s success, and ultimately asking: when will the bounce back regress?

On Thursday 31st March, we welcomed just under 200 property professionals across the capital to Regents Street Cinema for our first in person instalment of Banking on the future.

Bank of England Senior Economist, Robert Elder, spoke on behalf of the bank to offer an exclusive analysis of the market and future trends shaping the economy.

Joining Elder on the panel was three high-profile real estate pioneers: Jane Hollinshead, Managing Director of People, Culture and Customer Service at Canary Wharf Group, Madani Sow, CEO at The Old War Office, and Lord Andrew Hay, former Head of Knight Frank Global Residential and Knight Frank's UHNW strategy.

The discussion covered:

·        The current economic landscape

·        Global property market: UK vs the world

·        Affordable housing and commuter belts

·        Recruiting and attracting talent, and how to create a culture where people thrive

·        The ‘customer experience’

Some key take aways were:

  • More vacancies and less people in the workforce. Older people taking earlier retirements and younger people staying in education longer and less over seas workers coming to the UK.

  • The economy is likely to slow, and unemployment will likely rise.

  • With a shortage of candidates in the real estate market, attracting employees should focus around work life balance and an attractive work environment, rather than increasing wages.

  • The age of first-time buyers is increasing dramatically due to prices rising.

  • The planning system is understaffed, under-resourced and under-qualified, this needs to change to meet housing demand.

  • Having a diverse customer base across asset classes can create additional revenue streams. A focus on placemaking instead of building residential boxes.​

Due to the Bank of England's policy, we are unable to republish Robert Elder's update and comments.

Watch the full conference below

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