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A New Lease of Life...with Sarah Tonkinson

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​Welcome to #ANewLeaseOfLife, a sub-series of the devcast… podcast, where you’ll be learning how experts of the BTR, PRS, student accommodation and retirement living sectors climbed the ladder of their professional careers.

Hosted by Nick Hammond, Head of Build to Rent at deverellsmith.

Our guest in the hot seat this episode is Sarah Tonkinson, who is the Managing Director of BTR and Institutional PRS at Foxtons, with a vast career spanning over 20 years within the property sector.

Sarah fell into the property world and became the first female Sales Director at Foxtons when it was still very much a male dominated space. Since then, she has held positions within a diverse number of departments covering lettings to corporate services!

Spending 20 years with Foxtons, Sarah shares how the people there have helped her to remain loyal for so long, and the challenges she has overcome in her career ahead of setting up the BTR Team.

Nick explores what changes Sarah has seen for women in property, any advice she has for to help grow their careers and how the sector can better promote careers in BTR for women and other minority groups.

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