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Director of Development and Projects of Single-Family Homes

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Consultant: Nick Hammond

Role: Casa by Moda – Director of Development and Projects of Single-Family Homes

Location: Yorkshire

What was the situation?

Although Nick Hammond’s client was not actively looking for a candidate to join their company, a world-class candidate in the BTR market came to Nick’s attention. Realising this was an excellent opportunity for the client to attain a rare candidate within the market, Nick presented the candidate’s specifications to them as he knew the candidate would not be on the market for long.

The candidate had 16 years’ experience within Single Family Homes which is incredibly hard to find considering that the market is still new and evolving within the UK. Nick Hammond stressed to his client the significant value that this candidate would add to their business, and they agreed to meet him.

Were there any challenges?

The candidate had a very specific skill set and experience that is very hard to find within the industry, and one that you don’t come across often.

With this, Nick had to persuade his client, who was not actively looking for a new employee, or for this role that they had to take this opportunity, as it would be hard to find another candidate that would match their capability.

What was the methodology?

Nick introduced the candidates CV to his client, advising them to engage with the candidate.

What were the results?

The client realised after meeting the candidate the value that he could add to the company and agreed to hire him.