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Hiring for the future: New findings highlight how to attract top talent in property

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​The annual report supports business owners within the property, real estate and construction industries approach recruitment and talent solutions in 2024.

Key property recruitment findings

78% of employees would not sacrifice 5% of their salary if their employer was carbon neutral.

36% of employees find dedicated career pages most valuable when researching a company.

62% of employees prefer to be employed by a mid-sized company.

57% of businesses said they are most active in spring for recruitment, yet Q2 is the busiest quarter for candidate applications.

54% of employees prioritise work-life balance and stability over a company with aligning values.

49% of employees find employer branding extremely important when seeking a new job.

​The property industry is experiencing a buyer’s market, with an increase in candidate activity. However, there is still nervousness prevalent in those who are considering a change in career compared to the early post-pandemic extremely confident candidate marketplace.

​Crafted by industry recruitment experts, the report will serve as a compass for businesses navigating this ever-changing landscape, offering an extensive exploration of what today’s employees truly value from their employers. 

The annual report delivers advice, recommendations, and commentary on every vertical of the property lifecycle, from construction to property management and uncovers data-driven insights into the latest trends, talent pools and best practices regarding hiring into the market.

The prospect of a career in property is being driven by earning potential for young talent; valuable perspectives from ED&I experts detail how businesses can attract a diverse talent pool and diversify their workforce.

Andrew Deverell-Smith, CEO & Founder of deverellsmith and Hintel commented: “Our aim with the Hiring for the Future 2024 report is to empower businesses with actionable insights that drive strategic hiring decisions.

In a competitive market, understanding evolving trends and aligning recruitment strategies is pivotal. This report serves as a treasure trove of data-driven insights.”

The report supports deverellsmith’s customers make smarter and faster decisions concerning their hiring strategies and provides them an extensive understanding of the industry’s talent pool so they can ensure they attract and retain top talent in 2024.

You can download the full report below.