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Nicola Fleet-Milne: Founder & CEO of FleetMilne

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A new lease of life...

Welcome to a new lease of life, a sub-series of the devcast… podcast, where you’ll be learning how experts of the Build to Rent, PRS, student accommodation and retirement living sectors climbed the ladder of their professions.

Hosted by Nick Hammond, Head of Build to Rent at deverellsmith, our guest in the studio this episode is Nicola Fleet-Milne, CEO of FleetMilne.

Nicola is the owner of a renowned and award-winning estate agency nestled in the vibrant Colmore BID district. Since establishing the company in 2004, Nicola has steered the company to prominence, earning it a respected reputation as one of Birmingham's premier residential agencies.

She shares her inspiring journey to success, her commitment to the Colmore BID and what plans she has for the upcoming year.

You can watch and listen to the full episode now...

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