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Technical and Construction Salaries

Average Earnings

The average salaries for building surveyor and quantity surveyor are


Top 3 Reasons Candidates Are Moving On

Seeking transition into
development management

Growth in hiring demand in the technical and construction sector over the past six months has seen the biggest increase for over a decade. There was a record high of 9:1 job openings to applicants ratio, this has increased from the previous record of 8:1 in 2016. As a result, there was strong competition for qualified project managers and surveyors causing salary uplifts of up to 7%. House building, supported by government initiatives, fueled this sizable growth. In comparison, demand for professionals within commercial building had modest growth over the year as the sector continued to be impacted by ongoing economic uncertainty.


Advice to Employers

Don’t Discount Transferable Skills

Hire from other sectors such as utilities and infrastructure where there are lots of transferable skills.

Consider Candidates With International Experience

When facing candidate shortages there are a lot of high calibre candidates with international experience seeking UK employment. Employers often overlook transferable overseas experience and skills.

Avoid Counter Offers And Invest In Retention Strategies

86% of candidates who accepted counter offers at the beginning of the year have now left. Counter offers are costly and can be prevented by focusing on keeping employees happy through progression and reward strategies.

Consider Your Employment Proposition

Ensure you communicate this fully in the interview process as salary is not necessarily a main driver for moving.

Make Quick Decisions

In a candidate led market a slow decision making process will cost you your first choice candidates and could leave you with critical skill gaps in your teams.

Long Term Bonuses For Loyalty

This is a successful method to attract and retain, particularly in salary capped professions.

Interim Solutions For Capacity Challenges

Integrate interim into your recruitment strategy in order to bring flexibility to your teams with low risk.


Building Surveyor Salaries
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Job TypePermanent (pa)Average (pa)Interim (ph)
Graduate Building Surveyor£23,000 - £32,000£25,000£12 -£18
Building Surveyor£35,000 - £42,000£40,000£20 - £30
Senior Building Surveyor£40,000 - £60,000£52,000£30 - £40
Associate£55,000 - £65,000£65,000£35 - £45
Partner/Director£65,000 - £85,000£80,000£45 - £60
Quantity Surveyor Salaries
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Job TypePermanent (pa)Average (pa)Interim (pa)
Graduate Quantity Surveyor£25,000 - £35,000£30,000£12 - £18
Quantity Surveyor£37,000 - £46,000£42,000£20 - £30
Senior Quantity Surveyor£45,000 - £65,000£60,000£32 - £45
Associate£65,000 - £85,000£70,000£40 - £60
Partner/Director£75,000£80,000£65 - £90
Project Manager Salaries
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Job TypePermanent (pa)Average (pa)Interim (pa)
Graduate Project Manager£26,000 - £35,000£30,000£12 - £18
Surveyor£36,000 - £45,000£40,000£20 -£30
Senior Surveyor£45,000 - £70,000£65,000£32 - £45
Associate£45,000 - £85,000£60,000£32 - £45
Partner/Director£80,000£82,000£65 - £90
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