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A lesson in workforce management: Diversity and Inclusion …with Sisi Lagrem

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​Sisi Lagrem is the Director of Advisory and Transactions at CBRE, a gay female parent and is raising Jewish children. Sisi’s battled adversity and is familiar with the unconventional. Lucas Grant, New Homes Consultant, probes her professional experience as a LGBTQ+ female leader; offering advice for creating a more inclusive workforce and authentic space.

Lagrem is undoubtedly aspirational and uses her visibility to stimulate change within the industry. Make mistakes, live your life unapologetically as yourself and remember that sexuality is one single facet of someone’s identity and not something to be afraid of. Hire an individual for all aspects of the person, not just for their degree and/or experience.

The theme for Pride 2020 is ‘allyship’, highlighting the support the LGBTQ+ community require from their straight peers, both professionally and in their personal life. Mentors, leaders and colleagues, we all have a role to play.

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