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A New Lease of Life… with Ged McPartlin

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BTR ascending? It doesn’t take an expert to recognise the speed the sector is scaling through investment, consumer demand and shift in market needs. However, it does take an expert to understand how to be a market leading BTR operator.

In this week’s episode of A New Lease of Life, Nick was joined by Co-Founder of Ascend Properties, one of the largest Build to Rent operators in the country and is the market leader in ‘Single Family Housing’ otherwise known as Suburban Build to Rent.

Ged has an unrivalled knowledge of the property market with over 20 years’ experience, and since co-founding Ascend Properties in 2014, he has led the team to exponential growth as Managing Director.

As well as experiencing phenomenal growth over the past 7 years, Ascend has a multitude of awards under its belt, including Gold for Best Letting Agent at the ESTAS for four consecutive years.