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A New Lease of Life… with Travis Knipe

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​Welcome to #ANewLeaseOfLife, a sub-series of the devcast…podcast, where you’ll be learning how experts of the build to rent and alternative investment sectors have climbed the ladder of their professional careers.

Hosted by Nick Hammond, Head of Build to Rent at deverellsmith

The Australian build to rent sector is suddenly getting a lot of traction, and if anything, it shows similarity of where the sector in the UK was 5 years ago. But how many units are there currently? Is the sector also service led? Who are they taking inspiration from, the UK or the US, or both? And why now?

In this episode, Nick is joined by Chief Executive, Travis Knipe, from global business StarRez to give a full market update from down under, Australia.

Travis Knipe is the Chief Executive Officer of StarRez, a global leader in residential community cloud software with over 2 million beds managed including PBSA, BTR and more.  Travis is passionate about helping residential communities thrive and solving problems with technology.  Travis has a proven track record with international expansion helping StarRez grow into more than 20 international countries with more than 800 customers.  Travis is passionate about ensuring his team and customer community are super happy and that his products continue to evolve and stay ahead of industry trends, emerging technology and customer needs.

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