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Building the way …with Michela Hancock

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UK Managing Director of Development and Construction at global powerhouse, Greystar, joins Andrew Deverell-Smith in the devcast… studio to spearhead season 2.

At the age of 23, Michela had almost completed her degree in psychology, it was at this point when she faced head-on the realisation that she was about to embark on the wrong career path.

Inspired by her Grandfather’s successful tyre company, and breaking the Southern American mould that women’s purpose wasn’t to work, Michela chose the route of real estate development in order to support renovating the land which her family’s company sat on. Fast forward to 2020, Michela now leads development for some of the most innovative and sought-out projects across the capital and UK.

Her knowledge of multifamily projects makes Michela an expert in the build-to-rent space. Earning herself the position as Board Member of British Property Federation Build to Rent Committee and United Kingdom Apartment Association as well as Vice Chairman of Urban Land Institute.

There’s only one way to discover the key to Michela’s success. Listen to the podcast.