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Chat Covid-19 …with property futurist, Antony Slumbers

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"Structured, repeatable and predictable is leaving the office, it’s going to be done by machines. Don’t fight them."

We are living in a time when technology is more critical than ever, so it felt only right to invite global PropTech expert and keynote speaker, Antony Slumbers to devcast….

Antony has been a heavy hitter in the Proptech game since 1995: before then, an art dealer with a flair. He consults and works with real estate boards on Transformation, Technology and Innovation; CBRE, Fifth Wall Ventures and RICS are just some of the names he worked with in 2019.

He speaks on what to expect from a post-Covid world; inevitably a re-evaluation on the purpose of an office and what functions catalyse human skills.

Evolution is key for competitor advantage, broad and deep knowledge is a necessity, whilst skills and a creative outlook are integral, they don’t disregard artificial intelligence.

Will robots take over? Prepare for a gripping listen on the power of PropTech.