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Dabbling in digital …with Andy Belton

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Chief Operating Officer of Notting Hill Genesis, Andy Belton, who originally hails from Ireland, joins us in the devcast… studio with Managing Director, James Campion, to talk technology, social housing and the digital transformation to PropTech.

London – one of the most innovative technology hubs the world has to offer – and Notting Hill Genesis brought social housing into the tech-mix. Partnering with Asos to create an innovative platform which releases the transaction administrative burden from both business and customer.

But this episode isn’t all shiny and slick. The duo discuss the overlooked skill shortage which the industry could be facing and why it’s taken 18 housing minister’s in 20 years for the market to finally have a positive outlook.

If that wasn’t enough to make you want to hit play, Andy also reveals he went to school with a certain Irish rock star…

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