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deverellsmith has partnered with leading Housing Association, Notting Hill Genesis, to build specialist teams in cladding across the UK.

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Since Grenfell, the government has demanded that any new building over 18 metres requires a qualified team of fire and safety experts to inspect cladding and the safety of the building. High rises across the UK must be reviewed and deemed safe; the government announced in February 2021 that an extra £3.5bn of funding will be provided to combat the cause.

Notting Hill Genesis has appointed deverellsmith to recruit a team of 14 experts in leading the primary cladding safety project for the housing association. The project has initiated the search for its first two live roles: Head of Building Safety Regulation and Head of Building Safety Remediation.

As the demand for cladding specialists is still recent it yields a smaller talent pool, transferrable skills which cover data, compliance and building safety are all considered as well as experience in project management.

Elise Langton, Head of Affordable Housing at deverellsmith, is spearheading the search with her dedicated team of consultants and deverellsmith’s data and research department to resource highly talented candidates. The search will take approximately 3-months and the team of cladding experts is likely to grow further to meet ongoing demand.

  • Phase 1: Head of Building Safety, Head of Building Remediation, Senior Project Manager x2, Project Manager x4

  • Phase 2: Policy & Process Manager, Technical Data Manager

  • Phase 3: Building Safety Manager x3, Surveyor

‘The impact of Grenfell has impacted the property industry both emotionally and professionally, collectively we must unite to make better and safer homes and provide excellent employment opportunities in the process’, commented Elise Langton, Head of Affordable Housing at deverellsmith.

‘Sourcing the right talent for Noting Hill Genesis is imperative; my team along with deverellsmith’s Data and Research department will be considering a list of transferrable skills and searching outside the property industry to encourage a diverse mix of talent.’