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Do Some Good – Being better than your best

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​Weeks five is drawing to a close on our newfound lockdown existence, and with that has brought a time of both reflection of the past and foresight to a future which, distant though it may seem, will inexorably culminate in human kind being all that much kinder.

Do Some Good initiated following the furlough of the vast majority of deverellsmith, myself included, and what has surged from an idea has become a fast-tracked spearhead of the value of community, charity and humanity; deverellsmith, along with SAY Consultancy and Greystar, have thus raise £6115 for several charities across London and the South West as well as assisting the NHS directly with protective-wear, housing and nourishment.

My esteemed colleague, Anna Rickenberg, has not only lead a successful drive for monetary donations as well as voluntary assistance from her close network of contacts, but has also stepped in to assist with the drop off of the Beigel Bake’s delicious treats across the country’s capital.

She commented that there was no question in her getting involved and that in order to support the ethos of Do Some Good, she had to involve herself in the operation too.

Of the volunteers there, Anna met with Andrew McKay (owner of McKay properties) who had incidentally heard about the Beigel Run through Do Some Good, as well as a fellow volunteer (wishing to remain anonymous) who is also campaigning for hostels to allow the homeless of London their canine companions shelter.

Further afield, Nathan Berry (a specialist in Land & Planning recruitment) has been assisting Foldall who create full PPE equipment for urgent care staff on the NHS frontline. Edward Chudleigh, founder of Foldall, began the creation process in his kitchen which then has evolved exponentially into a warehouse now capable of fabricating 10,000 masks per day; Nathan was the crux for the supply space for Foldall via his contacts at Colston & Colston and JLL who have generously offered space in order to up-scale the operation.

Nathan duly credits Mark Tyrell, co-owner of Longacre Estates, who was able to supply Nathan with key contacts in the sector to offer available space to continue and build upon the existing venture, too.

Our esteemed colleague and specialist in Finance recruitment, Joseph Morris, was able to assist the BodyShop and SHIELD with their donation of 500,000 units of stock for the NHS via his contacts at Marcoll who have generously provided a full warehouse free of charge for the next three months for both companies to store and facilitate the logistics of provisions.

SHIELD is a cooperative of 5 campaigns and a host of collaborators working to provide emergency PPE to healthcare workers who tell us they need it and we are very proud to have collaborated with them and Marcoll on such a giving project.

This week’s operation has seen us helping Glassdoor, not the name typically associated with the company review website, but the London-based charity focused on tackling homelessness and refuge. We have already received numerous messages and calls from clients offering residential and commercial space for sleepers, but are ever on the lookout to further our reach where we can. what are already turbulent waves of change, an unprecedented percentile of the British workface has faced the scourge of redundancy, and we ask our readers to please reach out on any available spaces.

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