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Dreaming of a Whitechapel Christmas

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​He is a leader, changemaker and he gives back to the community in more ways than one. Tony Miller is the Director of Whitechapel Mission – an initiative that aims to prevent homelessness across the capital. As the nights become colder, darker, and wetter nevermore is it apparent that action is needed here and now.

Before lockdown 2.0 hit, we were lucky enough to have Tony join us at deverellsmith HQ for a fundraising day where he told us all about his and his team’s incredible work. Listen to this episode of #devcast… to find out how you, your business and team can support Whitechapel Mission over the holidays.

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The Whitechapel Mission is a Homeless Charity in East London who have been helping Londoners to help the homeless since 1876, meeting the specific needs of each man and woman who walks through our doors. Due to the current circumstances, we can see as many as 600 people a day, looking for our assistance. We do this without any statutory funding. Our journey begins by meeting our guests’ immediate needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. We then provide recovery plans for those requiring deeper needs.

With the majority of the other centres in London being forced to close, due to the recent pandemic. The Whitechapel Mission made the decision to remain open and serving throughout the entire period. Our Christmas Mission is to continue to keep our doors open, provide our usual free cooked breakfast, clothing, showers and advice services every single day, including Christmas Day.