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Equal equals better …with Andrew Saunderson and Debra Yudolph

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​​To support the 2020 International Women’s Day campaign: I am Generation Equality, Andrew Deverell-Smith invited 2 very special guests into the devcast…studio. Andrew Saunderson, Investment Director at Grainger PLC, and Debra Yudolph, Partner at SAY Consulting joined the movement for an exclusive episode, Mr and Mrs BTR.

​Before starting SAY with Charles Seifert, Debra was at Grainger plc for ten years as Director of Asset and Property Management. She was responsible for building Grainger’s asset and property management expertise. Debra has various non-exec roles including deverellsmith.

Andrew is Investment Director at Grainger plc and since joining Grainger in 2001 he has been instrumental in facilitating a number of large acquisitions of both assets and corporate entities. In line with the group’s strategy to invest £850m into the Build to Rent sector, Andrew’s focus is now on managing the investment team, who are responsible for sourcing and acquiring these assets.

Is three a crowd? Are they the ultimate power couple in property? There’s only one way to find out,  listen to this episode of devcast….