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Grad life by the horns …with Rebecca Hills

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​Meet Rebecca Hills, Social Media Executive at Knight Frank, focusing on organic content creation, influencer marketing and podcast strategy. Alongside this, she’s a freelance journalist, co-hosting the Grad Life by the Horns podcast. 

The transition to adulthood from university is never easy, institutionalized for almost the entirety of our lives and set free after 2 decades sheltered from the real world. It’s normal to feel scared, alone and uneasy. Becki felt all those things, and after extensive research, she decided that graduates required more support and guidance than what was readily available. Enter: Grad Life by the Horns.

For those who aren’t familiar with the show – Grad Life by the Horns is a podcast covering every element of graduate life. From the existential dread that accompanies the last few months of university, to entering the graduate wasteland jobless and £30,000 in debt, this bi-weekly show will offer practical advice and comforting stories to help ease your stress.

In this episode, Becki dished up a wealth of advice for graduates who are desperately seeking a route into the industry, as well as addressing challenges and risks which grads may face along the way. It’s an essential listen for those just getting started and employees who are looking for innovative ways to attract young guns, ready to make serious waves in property.

In addition to her role at Knight Frank and her side hustle, Grad Life by the Horns, she writes for The Independent and has featured on the BBC. Since graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2019, with a degree in International Relations and Politics, Rebecca has focused her efforts on building her career while also maintaining her passion for mental health activism through journalism.