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How motherhood paved the way to life as an entrepreneur

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Louise Deverell-Smith, founder of work-life balance career platform for parents The Daisy Chain, discusses the subject on every millennials lips; flexible working.

"Flexible working is not an opt in. Flexible working is the future of the workplace."


Launching an innovative career platform wasn’t always the plan for Louise. Prior to giving birth to her first two children, Louise was a successful recruitment consultant in the city, however she was faced head on with the challenge of returning to work after maternity leave. Louise’s CV now possessed a significant time of absence from work and the connections which she spent years making had lost relevance in the fast-paced capital. Louise was not alone.

Louise discovered that it was a common occurrence for new mums to struggle returning to work after maternity leave and juggling motherhood. The Daisy Chain offers parents, along with other professionals who require a flexible job to accommodate other responsibilities in their life, a platform to connect with employers who have job vacancies which cater to flexible workers to enhance their careers and work-life balance. The platform now has over 5000 members and connects flexible working professionals with employers across a broad range of industries, clients include; Knight Frank, Jigsaw and Michelmores.

Listen to the podcast to learn more on the flexible working movement, the impact of technology as an entrepreneur and mental health awareness in the work space.

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