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Lettings Director - Right Now Residential

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What was the company?

Right Now Residential is an independent estate agents that make renting, buying or selling a brilliant experience for all involved. What makes Right Now differ to other companies is that they only employ and retain highly effective people that share their values and embrace their positive culture. They also avoid rules and procedures, where possible, to encourage independence and growth. This has equipped the company with the tools needed to excel in the market.

What was the situation?

The company’s success was built by the Managing Director working independently at senior level. As the company grew this became more challenging so they needed to build a senior leadership team. To do this successfully, the MD advised on a particular business structure which involved hiring a Lettings Director to transform business and support market needs. One of the problems the company faced was a high attrition rate (high number of employees leaving); after revising the salary there was a great reduction in this which in return saved on overall hiring cots.

Were there any challenges?

One of the challenges Tommy faced was being able to source candidates for an unknown brand. Without an established brand reputation, firms already face an additional step in attracting talent. This, along with the fact that the profile needed to be very specific, made further challenges to find the ideal candidate.

What was the methodology? 

For Tommy to successfully assist his client, he harnessed his 14-year strong network coupled with the company database which has been growing over the last 16 years. A candidate mapping project as well as LinkedIn recruiter projects were also executed which resulted in producing a shortlist of 5 people that matched the agreed profile.

After meeting with the first shortlisted candidate for 3 hours – which was initially meant to be a 30-minute call - the client already felt the candidate was the perfect match in terms of culture, skills and experience.

What was the outcome?

The candidate now has their dream job and is transforming the business day by day which is coupled with a very happy client. Hiring this candidate has also allowed the client to create a project focused on filling other roles within the business to acquire high quality talent.

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