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Matter over mind …with James Morris-Manuel

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​A man on a mission: a mission to take the world’s physical assets and make 3D digital twins of everything that’s out there.

The Matterport platform uses artificial intelligence to develop captured content and make it 3D. The end user can view a property as if they were there. A form of technology which is now more relevant than ever as the COVID-19 lockdown has hit us on a global level.

Speeding up the sales cycle, pre-qualifying buyers and helping win new instructions are just a number of benefits for residential and commercial properties.

James began his career in commercial property, then chose entrepreneurial life and launched Virtual Walkthrough. The company was acquired by Matterport after Virtual Walkthrough successfully reached number 1 in EMEA, and now Matterport has tripled in size in the last 2 years.

James is a key voice for the Proptech industry, an expert on 3D and VR, plus a software for a service (SaaS) guru.

An essential listen for property professional’s ready to evolve.