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The thoughts of a Pioneer – How is Co-Living shaping the face of modern living

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​As an exuberant lover of humans, Ryan Fix employs his skills as a connector and catalyzer to promote a common good in the world. His passions are focused on how to use disruptive innovation, community organizing and values-driven principles for the expansion human consciousness. Ryan’s diverse background has taken him from finance on Wall Street to being named one of the top real estate professionals in NYC under 30 and pioneering the Co-Living model in Brooklyn in the early 2010s.

Ryan is one of the Co-Founders of ‘Co-Liv’, a non-profit organization, ecosystem and do-tank whose mission is to empower the co-living phenomenon, and is a partner in a number of upcoming co-living schemes across the US, Europe and Asia.

Learn more about Ryan and the world of Co-Living in this episode of #devcast…


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