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Virtually impossible? Not by our standards Managing a job offer in a virtual world

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​Hiring virtually might be perceived as a risk, but its long-term results can equate to a sturdier, more efficient workforce.

As social distancing measures are enforced during the pandemic, deverellsmith has encountered clients suffering from delayed start dates and the loss of high-quality talent, as organisations are unable to meet candidates in person and do not have the capacity to move forward on a virtual basis.

To prevent this outcome and reach a talent pool which would not usually be available, deverellsmith has put together a de-risking list of tips and advice to recruit virtually from start to finish. 

Detailed references. Using at least 3 detailed references provides valuable insight on how the individual performs past the interview. These can be conducted more formally via video or traditionally over the phone, as long as you can make an accurate and fair decision.

What you can ask:

  • answers to questions from the employer requesting the reference

  • details about your skills, ability and experience

  • details about your character, strengths and weaknesses relating to your suitability for the new role

  • how often you were off work

  • disciplinary details

  • the reason you left the job

Competency based questions. Demonstrating factual scenarios supports the candidate’s ability to carry out responsibilities expected from them. These are likely to be included in an organisation’s current recruitment process, however, it’s worth adding more questions than normal. Create relevant questions from the attributes which are required form the new employee. The candidate’s answer can also be discussed in the references for further validation.

A list of common attributes used to guide competency based questions:

  • Teamwork

  • Responsibility

  • Problem solving

  • Organisation

  • Commitment to development

  • Decision making

  • Openness to change

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Commercial awareness

  • Customer service

  • Conflict resolution

  • Career motivation

  • Trustworthiness & Ethics

  • Results driven

  • Safety conscious

Create a virtual office. Introduce the interviewee to as many current employees as possible, it will give them a deeper understanding of the company culture and values, you’ll also gain the team’s feedback which can be considered when making the decision to hire. If you have the option, virtual tours, photos of the office and the surrounding areas have a major impact. A premium office kitchen or nearby park could seal the deal.

Virtual wellbeing. What are you offering your employees to look after their mental health? Candidates are looking for organisations who care more than ever, it’s not unfamiliar for high quality talent to have been mistreated due to companies being confused on how to treat staff in the early stages of Covid. Mental health apps can provide 24/7 support. Everymind at Workare currently offering 6 months free use of their app to businesses.

Virtual recruitment and working should be considered post Covid-19, it opens the door for expensive talent at a more financially viable price on a virtual consultative basis.

Download deverellsmith’s guide ‘9 steps to onboarding remotely: The key to formulating a modern talent strategy’ for an introduction and detailed breakdown on onboarding remotely here.