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Why diversity matters …with Patrick Franco and Dominic Scott

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​Leverage the power of diversity to unlock insight into the needs of teammates, customers, and community. Patrick Franco, Chief Operating Officer of Foxtons, and Dominic Scott, Managing Director of Alexander Hall, have both experienced being part of a minority in personal and professional life, which has led them to become experts in creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. This episode offers insight and advice for both business leaders and those looking to further their knowledge on the topic.

Black Lives Matter movement as well as Pride form a symbiotic relationship because of the Stonewall riots. It’s clear that now, more than ever, the industry must come together to create a more inclusive workforce and empower those who fall into minority groups.

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More on the speakers:

Patrick Franco is Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director of the Company. He joined Foxtons as chief operating officer in 2015 and has since been responsible for key elements of the Company’s operations. He is also executive sponsor of the Foxtons LGBTQ+ network. Prior to Foxtons, Patrick was chief operating officer of Credit Suisse Asset Management UK. He also serves as a trustee of Global Heritage Fund.

Dom Scott joined Foxtons in 2004, where he cultivated a reputation for successfully managing a variety of teams and projects before progressing in 2012 to become the youngest director within the Foxtons group. Three years later he was promoted to the role of Managing Director of Alexander Hall, where he is now directly responsible for running all areas of a directly authorised regulated business.

As an industry leader he enjoys working with a social mobility charity that helps young people acquire the skills they need to further their careers; works as an ally to the ‘Foxtons LGBTQ+’ and ‘Women@Foxtons’ networks; and is also a member of the ‘Women’s Executive Finance Forum’. He plays an active role in mentoring people from all backgrounds and is the co-founder of the ‘Afro Foxtons network’, which actively works to help its members share stories, develop skills and become stronger candidates for future opportunities.