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A New Lease of Life… with Ian Fletcher

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Who lives in Build-to-rent? 

BTR is a booming sector, and each development attracts a multitude of people all with similar interests: but what’s in their core? 

Nick and Ian will be revealing the DNA behind a BTR tenant in this episode of A New Lease of Life. ‘Who lives in Build-to-rent' is Ian’s second publication and unveils data, analysis, key findings and expert commentary on the sector and its customers.  

Ian’s considered a highly trusted pioneer in the BTR world – trusted by Government, MPs and other decision makers – and is an advocate for housing policy, sustainability, planning and regeneration. 

With a passion for housing and providing an additional source of quality housing, he was on the Board of National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS), formerly Chief Economist and Head of Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, as a representative of the UK’s small business and entrepreneurs. 

Get educated, inspired and inside the mind of your BTR tenant in this episode of A New Lease of Life. 

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