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Director of FP&A - Logicor

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Consultant: Joseph Morris
Role: Director of FP&A
Client: Logicor
Location: West End, London


Who was the company?

Logicor is a leading logistics investor and manager in logistics parks, with a strong presence across the UK and Europe. Their years of success has enabled them to grow, gaining more brand recognition in the process.


What was the situation?

Due to the growing nature of the business, Logicor required a strong leader within FP&A to bridge the gap between finance, asset management and operations. Joseph Morris (Account Manager) was the best consultant to assist the client with this request and was able to do so successfully.


Were there any challenges?

Due to the high calibre of personnel and prestigious background within the organisations, it was essential that Joseph found an individual with equally impressive experience and background.

A candidate short market possessed a challenge due to the growing demand for FP&A specialists. Because of this, it was essential that a thorough search was conducted.


What was the methodology?

Upon instructions, Joseph conducted a thorough mapping exercise. During the process, a long list of potential targets was created with backgrounds that matched the hiring manager’s expectations. Interviews took place with each candidate which allowed Joseph to present a shortlist of 8 candidates interested in the role. This shortlist was condensed into three potential candidates, who then underwent a comprehensive interview process. Joseph was able to secure the preferred candidate within 8 weeks of instruction of the assignment.

What was the outcome?

The candidate was secured and is due to start in her role in the coming weeks, leaving both a happy client and candidate.