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Retained large scale search - Pathway Homes

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Project: Pathway Homes, retained large scale search

Recruitment lead: Anna McGeorge

Who are Pathway Homes?

“We create homeowners”

The Pathway Homes team has bought and sold more than 50,000 homes and has provided financing for many more.The Pathway Homes platform was created due to the ‘critical imbalance’ in the real estate industry.

As leaders and innovators in the industry, their goal is to level that playing field and help build a future of wealth and possibility for as many new homeowners as possible.

What was the situation?

The concept behind Pathway Homes was built in the US by two large investors who were looking to launch a new product to the market in 2021. deverellsmith were retained exclusively with the mandate of supporting widescale headcount growth for the initial phases of business existence.

Anna McGeorge, Account Manager at deverellsmith, spearheaded the search project, along with a team of experienced and senior consultants, and was instructed to source around 30 live roles to ensure the business was ready ahead of and following the November 2021 launch.


Were there any challenges?

As the company was in the early phases of existence, the location of the HQ had not been decided. Pathway knew that the location needed to be workable for the western markets and time zones, and after an initial advisory session with deverellsmith, Pathway decided that the location for the company should be in Miami, Florida.

During the early stages of the search project – where a selection of candidates was at interview stage across a number of roles – another investor was brought into the project. This then led to the location changing to Dallas, Texas.

Every candidate who was already in the hiring process was approached regarding the need to relocate, which resulted in two successful candidates relocating to the new location.

The hiring market in Texas is much more saturated in comparison to the rest of the US, due to lots of opportunities across the Real Estate world and large regeneration projects existing in the state. The general talent pool was much smaller, and candidates were less responsive.


What was the methodology?

From the start of the search, deverellsmith were retained on a large quantity of roles and McGeorge understood the need to hire in order of priority. She worked with the hiring manager to categorise each role with a number (1,2,3) and together they regularly reviewed the list to ensure search deadlines were met.

deverellsmith’s data and research function was utilised to conduct an extensive research project which mapped the market for high priority roles or those which required more than one candidate, this enabled the search team to contact prospective candidates quickly and directly with more detail on the opportunity.

Due to the company being a start-up, when the project was launched the talent briefs were relatively broad. The hiring team was flexible on each job profile, the skills and attributes they were looking for and had no specific requirements. They were just seeking innovative and motivated individuals that would positively contribute to company culture.

As the search began and candidates moved through the process, feedback from the hiring team at Pathway allowed McGeorge and the search team to gain a deeper understanding of who would make the right profile for each role.

This led to the realisation that several vacancies required individuals with experience from specific companies and/or start-up experience which resulted in another research project conducted by the data and research function at deverellsmith.

From introducing a candidate to the hiring team at Pathway, the search was relatively fast paced and on average was wrapped up within a month. The overall project initiated in April 2021 and is still ongoing.


What were the results?

  • McGeorge and her team have facilitated 15+ hires into the business, which officially launched in November 2021

  • Pathway Homes are already aiding property buyers – who might not have had the resources to do so prior - purchase residential real estate across the US

  • The business is backed by clients, assets and generating revenue


Tara Tretsven, Head of HR

Anna McGeorge and the team at deverellsmith is an absolute pleasure to work with. It is always better to build out teams with great partners! Looking forward to our continued success in 2022.”