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China Desk Consultant - Berkeley Homes

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Consultant: Ellie King, New Homes Principal Consultant

Role: China Desk Consultant

Location: London

What was the situation?

Due to the BNO visa changes, Cicily Hui– a Hong Kong native and an experienced sales professional - had the opportunity to move to the UK and launch a career in the capital. As Ellie King, New Homes Principal Consultant, has a credible reputation in the market for supporting individuals across New Homes’ China Desks, Cicily contacted Ellie directly to support her in finding an employer.

Were there any challenges?

As Cicily was located in Hong Kong, it proved challenging to find an organisation who would offer employment without an in-person interview taking place. Additionally, Cicily had phenomenal experience but lacked being a ‘New Homes specialist’ so it was really important to showcase her skills and passion.

What was the methodology?

To attract as many potential employers as possible, Ellie devised a client generation strategy. The duo recorded a video where Ellie asked Cicily questions on her experience, motivators and skills. The video was then circulated to prospective employers.

The recording highlighted why hiring a Hong Kong native with property experience who was fluent in Cantonese could benefit developers as the BNO visa changes commence.

Using Ellie’s network, Cicily was able to maximise her reach with many developers across the New Homes space.

What were the results?

Cicily landed her dream job with Berkeley Homes, so was able to relocate to London. Ellie supported Ciciliy throughout the transition.

If you are seeking to hire within New Homes please use the contact details below to get in touch with Ellie King.


Telephone: 07447 040 206