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Starting a new career: Our top tips for beginning your new job

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​Congratulations, you did it. You’ve got the job and made the next step in your career, but you may be experiencing the very normal new ‘job anxiety’. Healthline states that starting a new job can trigger a complex mix of emotions and create a sense of uneasiness leading up to your first day. This can be heightened, especially if you are beginning a career in a completely new industry. It can be the fear of the un-known that sets your mind spinning, with the pressure you may put on yourself to succeed, and the hope that the role is the right one for you.

Speaking with some of our consultants here at deverellsmith highlighted how the first couple of months in a new role can be the most important. They provided insight into some of the main reasons someone may leave a job role early within the property industry.

  • The role is different to what was advertised: A main reason people may leave a job not long after starting is because the role may not be the same as what was advertised to them in the recruitment process. This may mean that responsibilities and projects may differ once you start and is not what they may have expected.

  • Difference in company culture: The office culture may not be what they have expected and may not align best with how they work. It could be the case that it isn’t as social as it was made out to be, or there aren’t as many career development opportunities as they had thought.

“The main reasons we see people leaving positions soon after starting is if the role is not what was sold to them. Some employers can oversell a position during an interview or make the role or culture of the of the firm seem better than it is. It’s important that the role is honestly portrayed and any challenges that come with it are raised by the employer.”

-Hannah Taylor – Manager – Investment and Finance

This highlights why the first couple of months at a new job can be crucial to help you settle into your new job, and why it is essential that companies are transparent when recruiting for new roles to ensure success.

So, let’s get started with our top tips!

1.Talk to colleagues, not just managers

To ensure you get a true feel of what it is like to work at the company you are joining, talk to your future colleagues, and not just the managers. Get a feel of the culture through your peers, as they can give you a more relatable understanding as to what your experience will be like.

“I’d suggest that potential candidates look to meet with as many people at the firm prior to their first day, including colleagues that will be at their level rather than just senior management”

- Hannah Taylor – Manager – Investment and Finance

2.Practice your commute

Trial your commute before your first day. I found this helped me familiarise myself with the journey and relieves any pressure if there are any changes to the schedule on your first week.

3.Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Ask as many questions as you can in the first week. This is your opportunity to really get your head around how the company works, what they do and most importantly the nitty gritty of your role. It’s great to ask questions whilst tasks and responsibilities are being explained to you, so you don’t forget the question later down the line. Even questions about the smallest of things can benefit you in the long run, helping you to become successful in your new role.

4.Social opportunities

Get stuck into all the social opportunities that come your way! It is so important to get to know your colleagues outside the corporate setting, helping to create a great work/life balance. It’s a great advantage if you enjoy working and chatting with your colleagues as it will help to increase your motivation whilst at work.

You can create a social environment whilst working from home too! You can hold virtual lunches over teams, and chat with your colleagues over lunch as you would if you were in the office. A lot of companies make use of virtual tools like Zoom to hold interactive after work activities, that people in the office and at home can enjoy. This can include fun quizzes and competitions to get involved with. Find out if this is something your new workplace does!


Last but not least is self-care. Starting a new job can have an impact on both your physical and mental health. You may feel slightly run down from a different routine and absorbing an abundance of information everyday can be tiring. Make sure that you are taking time for yourself and continuing to do the things that you enjoy after work. This will help you unwind and not become overwhelmed. I really enjoy reading after work or going for a relaxing swim!

It is easy to become overwhelmed when starting a new job but following these tips can help to alleviate the pressure and have a positive impact on both your working and personal life. Remember, you are good enough for the role otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

Amiee White

Marketing Executive

​Passionate about people, Amiee White has a broad range of experience in Marketing and Communications within EdTech and is now bringing this to the property industry. Understanding what resonates with audiences and how to meet their needs are what Amiee loves to do most. She has a creative mind, and her talent lies within creating attractive copy and content to engage people and capture their imagination.