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From Rockstar to Right Now: Peter Murphy talks culture, ambitions, and his tough start into the world of property

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​In this episode of devcast… Tommy Lambourne - Senior Manager of Estate Agency, is joined in the studio by Peter Murphy, Founder and Managing Director of Right Now Residential. In his FIRST EVER podcast interview he spills the beans on how he went from pursuing a career as a full time Rockstar, to nailing the Real Estate industry.

You heard it here first…

Early ambitions and building resilience

Peter shares with us his humble beginnings as a young entrepreneur working a variety of jobs to earn some extra cash. Whether it was flipping burgers outside Twickenham, washing cars, or selling beer merchandise, Peter has done it.

From this experience, he realised he was a superb salesperson and got his first sales role selling AXA cash back on health insurance outside Reading train station, stopping people in their paths and persuading them in a brief amount of time to buy into what he was offering.

He advocates any perspective salesperson to gain experience in that kind of cutthroat sales job, because as an employer, that stands out above any university degree as it gives a person invaluable experience in learning how to deal with people and most importantly, deal with rejection.

Talking openly, Peter voices there were many times he would phone his dad crying thinking he couldn’t make it in the industry, but that early experience gave him the resilience to drive through his self-doubt.

This resilience transferred into his first job with Romans, and it enabled him to open more opportunities for the business. Peter was willing to get out into the town centre with a clip board and talk to people face to face, where others may not have felt so comfortable in that setting.

Romans to Right Now

After just 18 months at Romans, Peter was offered a career altering job opportunity in London, and this is where he gained valuable experience in lettings and where Right Now Residential was born.

Commencing his prosperous business in his council estate flat in Clapham, with no investments and just a small desk; whiteboard; laptop and camera. Peter divulges how he progressed from making no profit in his first six months of business to running an amazingly successful estate agency today.

What is happening Right Now

Peter gives insight into the present substantial growth of his company and his recent success in the Build to Rent sector, highlighting the biggest reason for success lies with hiring the best talent, who are passionate and hungrier than ever.

At the end of the day, it is all about the people.

Listen now to learn more about what it takes to make it in the estate agency industry, gain expert insight into the current market and how Peter Murphy uses sport to help him achieve a healthy work life balance.