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Wellbeing in recruitment: how can we support our employee’s mental health?

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“74% of UK-based recruiters have suffered from some form of mental health issue in the last year” -According to Claremont Consulting

On Wednesday 30th March Ryan Doyle, Principal Consultant and Ambassador of Wellbeing, hosted an internal event to announce our new benefit and partnership with plumm. Ryan invited Jake Maddox and Nong Skett to give us a demo on how to use the valuable platform, and what wellbeing resources will be at the fingertips of our employees.

Nong gave us a tour around the platform in Teams, which allows deverellsmith employees access to real and qualified therapists, ready online to help them through daily challenges that they may face. Whether it is a big meeting that they are slightly nervous about, or they are having issues with sleep, their online therapists will be there to guide them through and help them manage their worries and emotions.

“Anxiety is found to be the most prominent issue for recruiters, with 59% of people suffering from the condition” – According to Claremont Consulting

Nong explained that with plumm, our employees can see an accredited therapist as early as the next day and have an online therapy session to work on any goals they want, from mind and body to personal growth and career. She mentioned that if you didn’t have time to book an online therapy session, therapists are available within the chat therapy section of the platform, where you are able to get immediate text-based support, anytime of the day and from anywhere.

Another fantastic feature Nong explained were plumms’ online courses, giving our employees access to a whole library of therapist-led courses ranging from mental wellbeing to personal growth. The online courses will give employees helpful techniques and advice to manage emotions, such as social anxiety and low self-esteem.

We were also shown their guided meditations, to support mindfulness and find a place of calm whenever our employees may need it. From tranquil rainforest sounds to the sound of a purring cat, whatever relaxes you, they have. Whether in the office, working from home or after a big meeting, our employees will be able to log into plumm, and take themselves into a place of composure to help them unwind and reduce anxiety levels.

We are looking forward to working with plumm to help deverellsmith reach its wellness goals, and ensure we are doing all we can to ensure our employees have a healthy work/life balance, and most of all love starting their working day each morning.

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Source: Claremont Consulting