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Investment Associate - Lincoln Property Company

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Consultant: Hannah Taylor 

Role: Investment Associate Role - Lincoln Property Company 

Location: Liverpool Street, London

What was the situation?

Lincoln Property Company are a global firm who are huge within the US. They have recently made the move to the UK where they currently have a 5-person team. They came to Hannah looking to find a new Investment Associate to join the team as a member was leaving.

Hannah proposed that having recently moved to the UK, utilising a microsite with deverellsmith would be a wise option for them, as it would enable them to reach a wider pool of UK candidates and direct traffic to them through the deverellsmith website.

She suggested that within a candidate short market at present in the UK, this would be a great investment to make. They agreed and went ahead with the microsite, as well as a retained search. 

Were there any challenges?

Due to the candidate short market the industry is currently facing, many challenges presented themselves to Hannah throughout her search for the ideal candidate.

A lot of the candidates that Hannah spoke to were happy in their current roles and were not looking to leave. Another challenge was many of the candidates hadn’t heard of the company before, due to them being new to the UK market. 

This made it even more crucial for Hannah to really understand the client's vision and what they were looking for to engage the candidates and open them up to the idea of leaving their current role for a new and exciting opportunity. 

The client was looking for a candidate who had a lot of financial experience, and Hannah found that a lot of the candidates she spoke to lacked in this which made the search slightly more challenging.

What was the methodology?

Hannah used a retained search approach to find the best candidates for her client, utilising data and research so she could dedicate more time into head hunting top candidates.

The Data and Research team mapped 123 relevant people using a list of target companies. Of those 123, Hannah met 19 of them who expressed a real interest in the role. In addition to this, Hannah also head hunted through her own data base, and advertised through LinkedIn and the job advert was featured on their own microsite on the deverellsmith website.

What were the results?

Hannah then shortlisted 4 of the very best candidates and the client interviewed all 4. 2 of those were then put through to second and third interviews.

Hannah was delighted that the candidate placed in the role she had known for a few years and was not actively looking for a new role but was so excited to hear about the opportunity and considered making a change and went for it.

Additionally, the client was really impressed with the other candidate that just missed out on the role, so much so that they said if there was another role available they would have given him a position too.

The client was delighted with the candidates that Hannah recruited, and they were exactly the person they were looking for. A great outcome considering the difficult market conditions.


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