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PA to Managing Director - Crystal Palace

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Consultant: Anna Rickenberg 

Role: PA to Managing Director – 12-month fixed term contract

Location: Crystal Palace 

What was the situation?

Anna’s client was looking for a 12-month maternity leave cover for the PA role and came to Anna for guidance as she had placed the PA now going on maternity. This was a role with big boots to fill as the previous employee had built an exceptional relationship with the Managing Director.

Were there any challenges?

The main challenge that Anna faced was that the Managing Director hold very high importance over finding a good cultural fit for the position. This meant finding a candidate who matched his level of passion and his values.

What was the methodology?

Anna worked alongside her team to help her find the best candidate for this specialist role. She briefed her team, and they offered a helping hand with the search. They targeted people with PA experience within the Property Sector, as well as a wider search including people with PA experience with alternative industry experience.

Anna’s colleague Izzy then met with several suitable candidates from their initial search and then reduced this down to a small short-list for Anna to meet. From there, Anna proposed the best candidates with the most relevant experience to the client that were then put forward for the interview stages.

What were the results?

The client ended up really liking a candidate that came from a non-estate agency background, who was previously working within the automotive industry. 

The client liked the fact that the candidate was slightly less experienced, so that there were ample opportunities for development within the role and they were able to support her make the next step within her career.


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