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Technical Service Manager - The City

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Consultant: Will Kirby

Role: Technical Services Manager  

Location: The City 

What was the situation?

A developer that has an exceptionally large portfolio, found an increasing demand on the facilities management and technical side of things. Their existing team lacked relevant experience in this area, and as a result the client created a new position to help close this gap in knowledge. Will supported them with this to look outside of the leasehold management sector to find someone who was an expert in this field.

Were there any challenges?

The main challenge when recruiting for this role was the fact that Will was looking outside of the block management sector and looking for someone who was in the top 1% of the talent within that marketplace. This was a new experience for all involved.

What was the methodology?

To begin the process, Will identified large commercial buildings that would be very demanding in the facilities and technical services management e.g., Westfields Shopping Centre. Once these were identified, Will identified the people that were managing these types of buildings and approaching them with opportunity.

What was the outcome?

Will ended up finding his client the best person for the position, who was previously the Head of Technical Services at Wembley Stadium. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and is getting on fabulously within their new role. 


Phone: 020 3823 4392