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Vice President of Property Services - Realstar

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Consultant: Nick Hammond, Head of Build to Rent

Role: Realstar, VP of Property Services 

Location: UK Nationwide

What was the situation?

Realstar were looking to appoint a Vice President of Property Services to lead the technical performance for their BTR portfolio, with a specific focus on capital projects and ESG.

The incumbent had been in the role for over a decade, which meant replacing them required a specific skill set.

Were there any challenges?

Given the current chronic talent shortage, finding someone with such a unique skill set was going to be difficult. With several layers of requirements, this only further shrunk the talent pool available to fill this role. In addition, Realstar needed guidance on what salary package would be competitive given the duration since they last recruited this role.

Nick Hammond advised Realstar to utilise a retained search methodology and microsite to attract to right calibre of candidate. In addition, he used our Data & Research division to provide accurate salary benchmarking to ensure they were competitive in attracting the best quality of candidates.

What was the methodology?

Nick Hammond ran a retained search methodology and mapped all suitable candidates in the market. This created an extensive list of 70 qualified candidates, which Nick & his Researcher actively headhunted. This resulted in meeting 30 candidates, measuring them against the competencies of the position. 

8 shortlisted candidates were submitted to the Realstar, of which two were taken through to final interview and both capable of offering. 

What were the results?

Nick Hammond’s search methodology resulted in Realstar finding a highly qualified candidate in agreed time scales, with satisfaction from both Realstar and the appointed candidate.


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