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Head of Property Management - West London

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Consultant: Natalie Livesey

Role: Head of Property Management

Location: West London

What was the situation?

A client called deverellsmith to find an experienced individual to look after the Property Management for their company. 

Were there any challenges?

My client had been conducting a search for a couple of months, working with two other recruitment companies with lower fees to support. Unfortunately, this was not proving successful for the client with it proving challenging to find quality candidates and a previous candidate that they offered the position to pulled out of the role.

In their own words, they came to deverellsmith to ask Natalie for help, after being told ‘we were the best’, therefore was happy to pay a slightly higher fee.

What was the methodology?

To ensure that Natalie really understood what the client was looking for, she narrowed down what the ideal candidate looked like to them. This included analysing areas such as skill, experience, personality and characteristics. This helped make the process more streamlined and personal for both the client and the candidates that Natalie would speak to.

It was important that Natalie communicated clearly how the process worked, and she would send over a shortlist of candidates within 48 hours and was sure to acquire his availability for the 1st and 2nd interview stages. This avoided any delay in the process as the need to fill the role was needed swiftly.

Together, they scrutinized what the role entails currently, and the potential opportunities the role could deliver the successful candidate in the future. Additionally, Natalie ensured she had a clear understanding of why this business and role was different from other opportunities out there, as we are in a highly candidate led market. 

Natalie immediately reached out to her personal network of candidates who she thought would be a great fit for the role and interested in the opportunity. One candidate stood out to Natalie and the CV was sent straight across to the client for consideration they day after their meeting. Sending potential candidates over so quickly avoided time wasted sending numerous CVs at a time. Due to the in-depth conversations Natalie had with the client, she was confident this type of profile was what they were looking for.

What were the results?

The candidate had a first stage interview, which then progressed on to a face-to-face interview. An immediate offer was made, and the candidate was able to start within one week. Both the client and candidate were fully satisfied with the outcome.