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The (temp)erature is rising: 5 reasons to choose a contractor this summer

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You may have noticed the market has been more unpredictable than usual lately. Finding good quality candidates and placing them quickly is one of the biggest hurdles most of our clients are facing in the wake of the pandemic.

In light of this, more clients than ever are opting for a temporary solution; and here’s why you should too:

1.Great candidates, ready to worknow.

I work with new homes sales consultants, customer care coordinators, sales administrators, front of house and conciergecandidates who are all vetted, reference checked and can be placed to help you in record time (even within hours of an assignment).

Berkeley St George, Savills, Argent, Battersea Power Station, Clarion Housing, Avison Young, Realstar, The Four Seasons, and Bruton Street Management are just some of the clients I am currently working with in placing contractors.

2. Cost effective, time saving.

Are references causing you a headache? Are compliance documents taking up too much time? Not keen on the added costs of NI employee, pension, and holiday pay?

You can expect a fixed hourly charge rate when you hire a temp through deverellsmith, where all costs are covered including the time-consuming admin of registering an applicant, interviewing them in person, cross-checking their references and ensuring they are fully compliant. Let us take the work off your hands.

3. Service you can rely on.

We know the pressure that a launch or multiple completions can add to a sales and/or aftercare team. When faced with a heavy number of completions over summer, Barratt London came to us last month to hire 3 customer care coordinators on fixed term contracts until the end of September. We gave them peace of mind through managing the added workload (and 3 new options for a permanent hire if they’re a good fit).

4. Fresh talent, versatile placements.

Take Alessadro, who reached out to me after a career in luxury retail and wanting further progression. He went from‘Bottega to New Build’after proving himself as a temp on site with Countryside and Catalyst, landing a permanent role with Catalyst where he has been selling out shared ownership sites since March.

A new face from a background you may not have considered is a fantastic way to combat the candidate shortage we face - and may even bring the permanent solution you’ve been waiting for.

5. A trusted partnership.

Building strong professional relationships through brilliant service is my top priority. When you choose to arrange a temp service through me, you can be sure to receive a swift, efficient experience that you’ll want to make use of time and time again.

“Recently I had a chance to work with a super friendly Alice Murray. I have used her management service to arrange professional temporary cover and can guarantee she proved top class service! Exactly what was promised - received service on time , smooth, professional and the most importantly - quick  communication.

From now on, Alice will be the only one that I will personally going to work with as from 5 year Building manager experience this was the first time I was happy and relaxed.”

-Mantas Vygantas, Bruton Street Management

If you would like support in finding top temps this summer, please get in touch to discuss in more detail.


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