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The rise and fall with Lucian Cook: What disruptions are to come for the property sector?

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In this episode of devcast… Andrew Deverell-Smith is joined by one of the property industry’s most quoted commentators in the UK’s housing market, Lucian Cook – Head of Residential Research at Savills.

Having been a Director of Savills Research team since 2007, Lucian has a wealth of experience and knowledge across the sector, he’s seen the rise, fall, recovery, a global pandemic, as well as the ever growing topic of the residential property prices for over 2 decades.

He reveals how his journey began as the son of a dairy farmer from Sommerset, and how his life dramatically changed when he joined Savills as a graduate.

He imparts his perspective on the longer than anticipated tail of the pandemic, the cost of living crisis, residential property's shrinking price points and why people are now heading back to London.

Listen now to hear more from Lucian Cook, one of the country's most respected housing market commentators.